Frequently Asked Questions

How are your candles made?
Our process can be broken down into three categories - design, curate and pour.   

Every candle starts with a story. A theme, a place, an idea, etc. Then that story is translated into a vessel. We design every aspect of our candles–from materials, to shapes, to graphics–here in Nashville, Tennessee.

We work with perfumers who source from nature's finest ingredients all over the world​ to carefully create a fragrance story that complements the color and style of each vessel design​.

After the vessel and fragrances are finalized, it's time to pour the candle! Every candle is hand poured at our Nashville factory, where the soy wax blend is combined with the fragrance & cotton wicks​.

What are your candles and wicks made of?
Each Paddywax candle is a combination of our clean-burning soy wax blend and our alluring fragrance oils. All of our wicks are made of 100% U.S. cotton!

Where is the soy in your soy wax sourced from?
All of our soy wax comes from U.S farms!

How long do Paddywax candles burn?
The burn time of our candles varies depending on the vessel and the environment in which the candle is burning​. But as a rule of thumb: every ounce of wax gives 6-7 hours of burn time. So an 8 oz. candle would last up to 56 hours!

What are best practices for burning a Paddywax candle?
For an average 8 oz candle, make sure you burn your candle for 3-4 hours the first time around. You want to make sure your wax pool extends to both ends of the vessel before extinguishing. This will avoid tunneling!​ You should also be sure to trim your wick to 1/4"

How do I get the last ¼” of wax out of my container so I can repurpose it?
You can either A) put the candle in the freezer overnight and the wax should easily pop out the next day, or B) run hot water into the candle to melt the remaining wax so you can scoop it out! See our repurposing step by step

How do I repurpose the candle vessel after the burn life is over?
The possibilities are endless. We've tried everything from a succulent planter, pencil cup, cereal bowl, cream and sugar set, knick knack holder, bathroom canister, and more! We love seeing how our customers give our vessels a second life. Check out our repurposing tips!

What are your order requirements?
Minimum opening order is $300; minimum reorder is $150. Order by pack size or multiple increases. Paddywax reserves the right to increase quantities to meet minimums.

What are your payment terms?
We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover and can also do Proforma. Net 30 Terms available with supplied credit references and an approved credit application after payment received on opening order.

Do you allow retailers to sell your products online?
Yes! Our expectation is that retailers sell our products on your proprietary website. Retailers are not authorized to market, advertise, list, offer for sale, sell or fulfill orders for any Paddywax products as a seller on any third-party marketplace. This includes, but is not limited to,,,, 

Do you have a pricing policy for online retailers?
We do! All online retailers are required to review and agree to Paddywax’s MAP Policy. Paddywax LLC requires that any lower price than MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) shall not appear on websites or be communicated electronically unless approved in writing by Paddywax. Any violation of the MAP Policy will result in a suspension of orders and shipments of Paddywax product. Orders will be terminated and shipments cancelled upon repeated violation.

Why do some of the products in my shipment differ from one another? 
Variations in color and finish are not flaws. These features are inherent to the handmade process. Colors may also vary slightly from description in the catalog.

What is your return policy?
Claims must be made within 5 days upon receipt of shipment. Please inspect goods upon receipt. Credits will be given on individual items that are damaged. Replacements will only be sent if an entire case pack is damaged.

How do I initiate a return? 
Please email Customer Service at We’re happy to help! In your message, please include your store’s name, order or PO number, pictures, and any other information you’d like to add.

Does Paddywax have any sibling brands?
Yes! Paddywax is one of three specialty brands under the DesignWorks Collective umbrella. Our sister brand is DesignWorks Ink, a journal, notecard, and lifestyle goods brand. Our handsome brother, Olivina Men, is a natural grooming products brand.

Terms of Purchase:
All overdue invoices carry 1.5% charge per month. 15% restocking fee. Product is sold for resale at retail only and may not be redistributed at wholesale. Buyer’s shipping address is the sole site authorized for retail sale. Any other location must be pre-approved in order to protect existing customers. Orders subject to factory approval.